Two photographs of the evening sky taken a few minutes apart, just as it gets dark enough that the noise of the camera's sensor overtakes the image. The photograph on the left is mostly made of pixels that show the sky, the image on the right mostly the camera's noise.

The title comes from Italo Calvino's discussion of il vago (the Italian term for vague) and his translation from Giacomo Leopardi's 1898 book Zibaldone di pensieri: "The words notte, notturno [night, nocturnal], etc., descriptions of the night, etc., are highly poetic because, as the night makes objects blurred, the mind receives only a vague, indistinct, incomplete image, both of night itself and of what it contains. Thus also with oscurita [darkness], profondo [deep]."

Mostly the evening sky
Mostly the camera's sensor

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